Ann is a tiger


i cannot imagine how much fun rdj and ty simpkins must have had. 


Yes this is an actual scene from an actual episode.

Sebastian Stan and his Bucky feelings (◡‿◡✿)
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Sleipnir sighed as he ordered another drink. "Hello handsome.” He turned to find a face he did not want to see. “…Meg.” She smiled, black eyes glistening slightly with upset. “…how you been?” She shrugged. "…your father said you would be here." He nodded, squinting slightly when she did not answer him. “Well, it is one of his events.” He sipped his scotch. "He also says you brought a friend…" Sleipnir swallowed his drink loudly before nodding slowly. “What’s her name?” Sleipnir scoffed. “I think you know.” She cocked her head. “Place nice Sleipnir. I haven’t even threatened to kill her yet.” 

He opened his mouth to argue but his eyes met Anna’s. Meg noticed however and turned to the younger girl. “You must be Anna.” She extended a hand. Sleipnir moved to Anna, kissing her cheek and smiling at her before glaring back at Meg. “….Anna, this is Meg. She’s a…friend of my fathers.”

Anna walked into the room filled with people looking around for Sleipnir. She noticed him by the bar with a woman standing next to him. Frowning she walked up to them. The girl smiled back at the boy and grabbed the woman’s hand to shake it politely “It’s nice to meet you.”

She was about to say something more but from the corner of her eye she caught someone watching her. Anna turned her head only to see him “Joe…” She whispered, shocked then turned back to Sleipnir “I-I’ll be right back”

The girl rushed quickly to one of the doors leading to a bathroom, but someone caught her arm and dragged her through the backdoor and outside "Well well well, look at you, little Anna in the mafia ?"

"Joe, how nice of you to visit, now if you’ll excuse me-" Anna tried again to get out of there but not a second later she was slammed against the wall

"WHO IS HE ? Stay the hell away from him !" He yelled in her face and she cowered away from him, the fear of punishment running through her veins.




This is 10x funnier if you read it in their voices


soulpunktruant asked: merlin or captain jack harkness





that police guy from teen wolf looks like the love child of tom hiddleston and steve rogers


at first i looked at this like “oh look tom hiddleston” but then i was like “oh no thats chris evans” wHat iS hapPenning


loki and captain america had a baby??



mishas face.